Installing the Brandwatch App in Salesforce (Early Access)

In Salesforce, you can install our Brandwatch app to enable reply functionality in Service Cloud, improving your customer care experience for your social channels. 


We are continuously developing features to improve this functionality. Sign up for our Early Access program to gain access to the newest features.

Enabling reply functionality in Salesforce Service Cloud


Please don't forget that any users who will have access to the Brandwatch app will also need to have a Brandwatch user account so they can log in through the Brandwatch app to see and interact with the social conversations. Please visit our article on Managing Users to learn how to create new users in your Social Media Management organization.

  1. Install the Salesforce Service Cloud integration in Brandwatch by following the steps to set up a Salesforce Service Cloud connection to Engage.
  2. Download and install the Brandwatch app in your Salesforce instance using the link we sent you in your Early Access program email invitation.
  3. When you install any package to Salesforce, you can select if you want to install the app for admins only, all users, or specific profiles. Choose the best option according to your preference and click Install. (Installation may take a few minutes).Install Brandwatch Social App and choose user roles.png
  4. When the installation finishes, you will receive an email and you will be redirected to the Installed Packages page in your Salesforce settings. Installed Packages page in Salesforce.png
  5. Next, you will choose where you would like to see the Brandwatch app in your Salesforce instance using the Lightning App Builder. In Salesforce, go to Settings > User Interface > Lightning App Builder. Create a new page, or go to your desired page (for example, a case page in Cases) and click on Settings (cog icon next to profile) > Edit page. Scroll down in the component list to the Custom objects where you will see the Brandwatch app. Use the drag and drop options to place the app on your page where you feel it serves you the best. Our object is responsive, so it will adapt to the width of the block you place it in.Salesforce Lightning App Builder.png
  6. When you are satisfied with your page setup, you will need to save the page and activate it if you have not done so already. Click Save, then Activation. In the activation menu you can select what use cases would serve you the best. 

Using reply functionality between Brandwatch and Salesforce

Now that you have enabled the integration in Brandwatch and installed the Brandwatch app in Salesforce, you can start creating cases and synchronizing your contact information between both platforms. 

Creating cases in Engage

In Engage, select any direct message conversation. On the right side of the screen, you will see the Salesforce widgets for contact and case interactions. When you want to send a conversation into Salesforce to your customer care team, just click Create Case, fill out the necessary fields, and click Save. You will be able to see the case in the Salesforce case widget and you can follow the progress from Engage. Create case in Engage.png

Opening cases in Salesforce 

In Salesforce, you will receive the new case you set up in Engage among your cases. You can distinguish the cases coming from Brandwatch by the subject, or you can set up any workflows if the case origin is Brandwatch. Click on the case and you'll see the Brandwatch app on your case details page if the Lightning page set up was successful.Open case in Salesforce.png


If you have not logged into Brandwatch with your Brandwatch username and password, you'll see a login window for Social Media Management. Enter your credentials and you should be able to see your conversations. You may need to log into Brandwatch every 48 hours. (If your company is using single-sign on (SSO), you will need to enter your applicable login credentials at this time). Brandwatch app login in Salesforce.png

In the Brandwatch app you will see similar capabilities to what we offer in Engage. You will be able to:

  • See the conversation with the customer
  • Write and send your reply to their messages
  • Use message templates that were created in Engage
  • Mark a conversation as read 

Brandwatch app conversation in Salesforce.png


Why I can not find the Brandwatch app in Salesforce's App Exchange?

We are currently in the review process with Salesforce to make our app available on the App Exchange store. We have done an in depth security review on our application and services and now we are waiting for Salesforce to do their part also. We wanted to provide access to our clients who want to use this functionality before it is available on the App Exchange store. 

Why do I see the “No conversation found for this case” message?

This error could happen for numerous reasons, but the most common reason is a case has not been created for this case. This error can also appear in some less common situations such as changing the domain of your Salesforce instance.

Why do I see the “An error has occurred while loading the application” message?

This error most commonly appears when you are using an unsupported browser like Safari. An error has occurred while loading the application.png

Why do I see the “ refused to connect” message?

Probably the user trying to log in has multi-factor authentication enabled for their Brandwatch user account. A refresh should resolve the issue or logging into Social Media Management using a different tab in the same browser. refused to connect.png

How can I see if the customer sends a new message?

After you've created a case from Engage to Salesforce, either automatically or manually, you will receive updates in Salesforce by default notifying you of any new messages in Engage to review. You will receive a Salesforce notification after 10 minutes of a social profile sending you a message and it arriving in your Engage conversation.Automatic Engage message notification for cases in Salesforce.png

You can set up notifications and automations in Salesforce to use this update comment as a trigger action.

What browsers are supported?

Supported: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Not supported: Safari 

How do I add new team members to use this feature?

All users will need a Brandwatch account in order to use the Brandwatch app with Salesforce. Please visit our article on Managing Users to learn how to create new users in your Social Media Management organization.

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