Product Updates | December 2023

Have a look at the latest product updates we released in December 2023.


Social Media Management

Invite users to connect 

You can now invite a user to authenticate with Brandwatch. This means users who do not have the right access to connect a social media channel to SMM, will now be able to simply share a link with a user who has the needed access, even if this person has no access to SMM. This will make it much easier for many brands, especially agencies, to connect or reconnect channels when needed.



Notifications Center: Publish and Advertise 

You can now receive notifications from both Publish and Advertise in the Notifications Center, creating a centralized hub for all major SMM products. Stay organized and track your notifications from within the platform effortlessly.



Automation rules for own content

You can now set label and assignment automations for own content, such as posts, comments and direct messages. With automated labelling, you and your team will be able to create topic-based feeds relevant to each of your own area of expertise. This will help you to stay organised and delegate more efficiently within the team.

Post labelling automation.png



Local timezone support

You’ll now be able to select your preferred time zone when viewing, sharing, scheduling or exporting dashboards. Previously, the dashboards were in UTC timezone by default, which could cause some discrepancies when working across different time zones. With this update, we’re aligning dashboard display with your preferred time zone, ensuring that dashboard values align with the post timings.


New Instagram content metrics 

We now support several new Instagram content-level metrics, enabling you to get deeper insights for Reels, Posts, and Carousel performance. With these new metrics, you can perform in-depth analysis of your Instagram content, particularly analyse and benchmark the performance of different content formats. You can find the new content-level metrics in the relevant widgets in Measure.


Expanded posts limit in dashboards

We’ve improved the limitation on the number of posts you can analyse in a dashboard, making it possible to view a higher number of posts in a dashboard. Each widget can now process up to 100 000 posts, regardless of the selected metrics and the number of widgets added to the dashboard.



Improved navigation

We introduced several improvements to enhance the navigation experience and speed up competitor analysis in Benchmark. From the sidebar, you can reach to specific sections and dashboards with a few clicks. Furthermore, we re-arranged brand and network selectors in dashboards to align with Measure. You can now see brand and network selectors separately on the top left and easily select/deselect with a few clicks. 

Roadmap Images for Portal Cards (19).png


Iris post and comments analysis

We have a new Iris+ChatGPT feature in Benchmark,for analysis of competitor posts and their associated comments Simply click the Iris icon on each content card to unveil ChatGPT-powered insights, including sentiment, tone of voice, top topics, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of how your competitor's posts resonate with their audience. Learn more about the feature here 

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 15.45.47.png


Extending campaign date range from 95 days to 1 year

You can now initiate a campaign with a duration of up to one year and set start dates of the campaign up to one year in retrospect. Also, you have the option to manually refresh the campaign for more updated statistics.


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