Creating Advantage+ Catalog Ads for Facebook and Instagram in Advertise

Meta's Advantage+ features use machine learning to help you build effective ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta Platforms. With Advantage+ catalog, you can automatically promote relevant products and services from your Facebook catalogs to your customers. Meta will target your customers with relevant products based on their interests and their engagement with your brand, allowing you to promote the right products to the right customers without needing to create multiple ad sets for different products. Learn more about Advantage+ catalog ads from Meta’s help center.

In Advertise, you can quickly create Advantage+ catalog ads from Sales, Traffic, Engagement, and Leads campaigns.

Creating an Advantage+ catalog campaign

Before creating your Advantage+ catalog campaign in Advertise, please make sure you have created at least one product catalog in your Facebook Business Manager.

Once you have a product catalog created, please follow the below steps to create your Advantage+ catalog campaign in Advertise:


When you create Advantage+ catalog ads with the Sales campaign objective, you will select your product catalog when you are creating your campaign and select your product set when you are creating your ad set. If you select either the Traffic, Engagement, or Leads campaign objectives, you will select both your product catalog and product set when you are creating your ads.

  1. From Advertise, create a new campaign and select either the Sales, Traffic, Engagement, or Leads objective.
  2. If you selected the Sales objective, you will see the Select Product Catalog box on the campaign setup page and select a product catalog from the drop-down menu.image4.png
  3. Add in the rest of the information for your campaign (e.g. name, labels, budget), and then click Create and Continue to Ad Set.

Creating an Advantage+ catalog ad set

  1. In the Ad set setup step, name your ad set, and apply any desired labels. If you selected the Sales objective, select one of the existing product sets from your catalog. Then, click Continue.image5.png
  2. In the Targeting step, you can select to use a saved audience or target manually.

    If you chose the Sales campaign objective and selected a product catalog, you will have the Retarget option under Target Manually. With this option, you can retarget customers that have already interacted with your products in some way. For example, you can:

    • Promote products that were viewed or added to cart, but not bought within a set number of days
    • Promote products that were viewed or added to cart, but not bought
    • Upsell products to people who viewed or added another product to cart
    • Cross-sell products to people who bought another product
    • Set custom rulesimage2.png
  3. In the Placement step, you can automatically target the suggested placements, or you can pick yourself, as with other campaign types.

Creating an Advantage+ catalog ad

  1. In the Ad setup step, enter in a name for your ad, apply any desired labels, and select the Facebook and Instagram channels you would like to promote your ad on (please note that the channels must be connected to Social Media Management for them to appear in the dropdown). Select either Advantage+ catalog single image or a Advantage+ catalog carousel, then click Continue.image3.png
  2. In the Creative setup step, you can add “placeholders” when writing your ad copy to make the text or product deep links dynamic, based on the product that Facebook will pick when showing the ad to your audience (e.g. product name, price, brand, etc.image1.png
  3. On the final screen, customize your ad budget and schedule, then click Create ad to complete the setup of your Advantage+ catalog ad.
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