Product Updates | August 2023

Have a look at the latest product updates we released in August 2023.

Social Media Management

Notifications center

You can now find a new section in the left side menu in Brandwatch from where you'll be able to see notifications. Currently, the page supports only Engage notifications but soon other Brandwatch Social Media Management products will come.

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TikTok personal profiles

You can now connect TikTok Personal profiles to SMM and perform the same actions currently available for Business accounts across Publish, Engage and Measure.

Engage & Audience

Salesforce Integration 

Our Engage - Salesforce Integration was previously available as a closed beta to a selected number of clients. Now, we are making it available to all clients without the need for a sign-up. This means, you can start connecting your Salesforce account to Social Media Management and benefit from the integration for free. Please note that after the beta period, the integration will be available for free for Pro package and above. 

The integration enables you to create cases and contacts from Engage direct messages and send them to the Service Cloud from within Engage. Furthermore, it supports custom fields for case and contact creation. Watch the video below to learn about the integration capabilities, and visit this Help Center article to get started. 

Modify @mentions for Twitter replies in Engage

In the past, when you wanted to reply to a tweet, you would @mention all the users in the thread by default. Now, you have an option to exclude @mentions for users who you do not want to include in your reply. Check out this Help Center article to learn more.


URL shortener new domain

The URL shortener for users who do not have a vanity domain set up now has a different domain: URL now displays as Up until today the domain was, and all the previously created URLs will keep working. The feature will work exactly the same as before, so there is no action needed.

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Benchmark Beta

Single brand analysis

When you select an individual brand in Benchmark, your dashboard will now have a 'Single Brand Overview' widget. This widget gives you an overview of that brand's performance in terms of key metrics and its change over the previous period. This view helps you to deep dive into a performance of a single competitor across different networks and monitor its change over time. 

Check out Brand insights and Content analysis Help Center articles to learn more about how it works. 

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New features in Discover's reports

  • Average Reels plays: this new metric is an important data point to analyze which Instagram influencers to work with.
  • Audience city breakdown: it has been previously possible to filter Discover searches by "audience city", but this information has been missing from the reports. Now, you can see in which cities the Instagram influencer's audience is located.


Reels metrics in Campaigns exports

You can now find Reels metrics (total reels plays and average reels plays) to the campaign summary export. This means you can now share more information via export with stakeholders and clients.

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