Data Availability in Influence

Depending on the tool you use in Influence — Discover, Influencers, or Campaigns — data on influencers, their social accounts, and posts will be indexed at different rates. Learn more about what data to expect from each tool in Influence.

Data in Discover


The following information applies to Instagram and YouTube data. TikTok data feeds into Influence in real time, but can be delayed up to 48 hours.

When searching for influencers in Discover, all data points are estimated and updated at different rates, as Discover searches unauthenticated social account data.

Estimated audience data in Discover is updated on a monthly basis.

The following data points are updated at specific frequencies:

    • Follower Count: Updated biweekly
    • Engagement Rate: Updated biweekly
    • Followers/Following Charts: Updated biweekly
    • Recent Posts: Updated weekly
    • Keywords Filter: Searches a pool of the account’s 100 most recent posts, updated quarterly


Data in Discover reports will not update automatically. Make sure to manually refresh your Discover reports on a monthly basis to get the latest data.

Data in Influencers and Campaigns

Account and post data displayed in the Influencers and Campaigns tools is updated on a daily basis. The amount of historical data available will depend on the specific social media platform and whether or not the influencer’s account has been authenticated with Influence. The tables below list the time frames of published posts and post metrics that will be pulled and updated at any given time in Influencer accounts and Campaigns, based on the specific network and account authentication status.


Estimated data for non-authenticated Instagram or YouTube accounts in an influencer’s profile will update on a monthly basis rather than daily. If the estimated data for an influencer’s profile is over a month old since you last viewed the influencer’s profile, the data will update when you manually next view the influencer’s profile.


Posts will be available in Campaigns as long as they are within the defined date range of the specific campaign. If you set up a campaign retroactively (i.e. with a start date in the past), some posts from the beginning of the campaign may be unavailable depending on the network data limitations below.


  • Authenticated accounts:
      • Posts: Last 180 days
      • Stories: Last 24 hours


    Only Instagram feed posts, not Instagram stories, will appear in the Recent Posts section of an authenticated Instagram account. See our article on Campaign Post Tracking for more information on tracking Instagram stories.

  • Non-authenticated accounts:
    • Posts: Last 30 days
    • Stories: Not available for non-authenticated accounts


  • Authenticated accounts: Last 180 days
  • Non-authenticated accounts: Last 180 days


  • Authenticated accounts: Last 180 days
  • Non-authenticated accounts: Last 180 days


  • Authenticated accounts: Last 180 days
  • Non-authenticated accounts: Last 30 days


  • Authenticated accounts: Last 30 days
  • Non-authenticated accounts: Last 30 days

X (Twitter)

  • Authenticated accounts: Last 30 days
  • Non-authenticated accounts: Last 30 days
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