Managing Influencer Groups and Talent Managers

Influencer groups help you organize and categorize your influencers under specific talent managers for easier management within your organization. Learn how to use the groups feature, customize your influencer groups, and assign talent managers to manage a group of influencers.

Creating Groups

Influencer groups not only allow you to better organize your influencer roster, but also to limit team members' access to a selected group, and to use custom branding per group on your influencers’ application and dashboard view.

To create a new influencer group, click on Settings in the left-hand navigation sidebar, then click the Company tab > Influencer Groups subtab.

Click the + Add Group button in the upper-right corner.image12.png

In the following window, fill out the information and any customization options for the new group (see section below). Please note that the group’s name, key, and default group/company revenue share (if you are using payments) are required fields.

When you are finished adding information for your group, click Save at the bottom of the window and your group will be available to use. You can edit a group at any time in your groups list by clicking the gear icon to the right of the group and selecting Edit.

Customization options for groups

Customizing group contracts

Use the Default Influencer Contract field to select a specific contract to use for a group. The default contract field will list all of your standard contracts that currently have an Active status on the Standard Contracts page, and the selected contract will be used when accepting influencers with one click.image4.png


Group and Talent Manager users who don’t have the Contracts permission will only be able to accept incoming applicants with the set default contract for that applicant’s group.

Customizing group onboarding text

You can add a custom message to the last step of the influencer onboarding flow, after they sign a contract, to welcome your new influencers and inform them of any potential next steps.

You can customize the text that is displayed here when adding or editing an influencer group and including it in the Onboarding Welcome Message box.image13.png

If desired, you can add multiple welcome messages in different languages using the corresponding boxes.

Customizing a group application

You can customize the logo and colors on your group application at the bottom of the window when adding or editing a group.image10.png

Under Custom Logo - Application, use the Upload Logo button to add your logo. The minimum resolution is 200 x 200 px and we recommend using a transparent PNG. When you upload a group logo, it will override your company logo if you have uploaded one. If no logo is uploaded for your group, the system will use your default company logo on your group application.

Select custom colors for your application using the color picker options on the bottom of the page. You can customize the main accent color, completed action color, font color, and background color. You can preview your selections by hovering your mouse over the information icon next to each color option.image15.png

Once you've completed your changes, click Save at the bottom of the window. You can view your custom application design by clicking on the application link next to the group:image3.pngimage2.png

Customizing the influencer dashboard logo by group


Under Custom Logo - Influencer Dashboard, use the Upload Logo button to add the logo that will display on your influencers’ view of their dashboard in Influence. The minimum resolution is 200 x 200 px and we recommend using a transparent PNG. When you upload a group logo, it will override your company logo if you have uploaded one. If no logo is uploaded for your group, the system will use your default company logo on your influencers’ dashboard view.

Adding Talent Managers

Talent managers are individuals or entities who manage and/or recruit influencers. Creating talent manager accounts in our system allows you to track who is managing and recruiting each influencer in your roster. All talent managers can receive a unique application link to use for recruiting. You are also able to limit your team members' access to a selected talent manager's influencers.

To add talent manager accounts to your company, click on Settings in the left-hand sidebar in Influence,, then the Company tab > Talent Managers tab. Click the + Add Talent Manager button in the upper-right corner to add a new talent manager.image5.png

In the following window, fill in the talent manager's name, key, and default revenue shares (if you're using payments). The key allows us to create a unique application link for this talent manager that he/she can use when recruiting new influencers to your company.image1.png

The last mandatory field is the Default group for applicants field. This option will allow you to select the group that this talent manager's recruits are added to by default. You can always change an influencer’s assigned group or talent manager later.


Only one admin can be explicitly assigned to an influencer as their talent manager. The talent manager will be able to access everything related to that influencer, including their payment history, content, performance analytics, etc.

If you would like to allow other admins access to a specific influencer, we recommend adding those individuals as either a Company admin or Group admin. Company admins can see and access every influencer in the dashboard, while Group admins can only see and access influencers in their specific group. Group admins will also only be able to edit talent managers who have their group as the default group, and will not be able to add new talent managers to a group other than their own.

Exporting talent manager data

If you’d like to export a list of your talent managers from Influence, you can use the Export button in the top-right corner of the Talent Manager tab to export a CSV file.image11.png

Assigning Influencers to Groups and Talent Managers

When influencers apply to your organization using a specific talent manager’s application link, they will automatically be added to the default group that is assigned to the talent manager’s account when they submit their application.image8.png


To automatically place applicants in a different group than the default assigned to the talent manager, you can switch out the group key in the talent manager’s application URL.

Similarly, if you provide an influencer a group application link rather than a talent manager’s application link, the influencer will automatically be placed in that group when they submit their application.image3.png

You can always manually assign or reassign an influencer’s group or talent manager by going to your Influencers roster, clicking into an influencer’s profile, and selecting the edit (pencil) icon in either the Talent Manager or Group field. Choose the desired talent manager or group to assign the influencer to in the respective dropdowns.image6.png

Setting Default Revenue Shares

If you are using payments and an influencer has a YouTube account, the initial revenue split between the influencer and the company can be further split by groups and talent managers if desired. Revenue splits will occur in the following order:

  1. Influencer/Company
  2. Company/Group
  3. Group/Talent Manager

You can use the revenue split system as needed however it may work best for your organization. For example, “Company” could refer to your overarching organization, while “Group” could be a department within your company. You can use this system to designate a certain percentage of the company earnings to a specific group or talent manager.

The group's share will be taken out of the company's cut, and the talent manager's share will then be taken out of the group's cut. That means that in order for a talent manager to receive a revenue cut, the group's cut cannot be 0%.

If you are using payments, you will automatically add the default shares for a new group or talent manager when creating them, but you can always edit the default share later if needed.

Editing a group's default revenue share

The default group share is the cut that the group receives from the company's share of the influencer revenue, unless a custom group share has been specified in the influencer's application.

To edit the default group share, click on the gear icon to the right of a group in your Groups list, then select Edit.

Here, set what percentage of the company's share of the revenue that should go to the group by filling out the Default Group (%) field. The Company (%) field will automatically update. image14.png

Editing a talent manager's default revenue share

The default talent manager share is the cut taken out of the group’s piece of the influencer revenue, unless a custom talent manager share has been specified in the influencer's application.

To edit the default talent manager share, click on the gear icon to the right of a talent manager in your Talent Managers list, then select Edit.

Set the default revenue share by filling out the Default Talent Manager (%) field. This is the percentage of the group’s earnings that will be given to this talent manager.

Editing revenue shares manually

You can always review and manually edit the revenue splits for an influencer by going into their profile > Payment details > Percentages tab. Here, you can edit all of the possible revenue splits.image7.png

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