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About Post Tracking

When creating a new campaign, you will see a Post Detection Keywords section within the campaign setup module.

When you add post detection keywords to your campaign, Influence will use these keywords to automatically find and pull in social posts related to your campaign. These posts and their performance data will be tracked in real time and used to generate your campaign reports.

Tracking Posts in Campaigns

When creating a new campaign, enter in keywords to track under the Post Detection Keywords box. You can enter keywords, hashtags, mentions, or phrases for tracking. Make sure to separate each one by a comma and use the Enter key on your keyboard to add them.Screenshot


If you haven’t decided on your post tracking keywords yet, you can skip this section when creating your campaign and enter them later within your Campaign Settings > Post Detection. image9.png

Under the Published Posts tab in your campaign, you'll see all the posts currently being tracked based on the post detection keywords you entered. If you want to see more data on a specific post, click on it to view its current performance metrics. See our article on Data and Metrics in Campaigns for a full list of available post metrics by platform.Screenshot


Post metrics data are automatically updated twice daily in Influence. If there is a delay, you can use the refresh button in the top-right corner in the campaign to manually update the data. image3.png

Manually Adding Posts to Your Campaigns

You also have the option to view all published posts from influencers within the campaign date range. To view all posts from an influencer, go to the Published Posts tab, click on the Campaign Posts drop-down menu, and select All Posts. If an influencer forgot to add the campaign keywords in the post metadata when they created the post, you can use this feature to find the post and manually add it to your campaign for tracking.Screenshot

If you see a post from the influencer that should be included in the campaign but isn't, click on the blue + sign in the top-right corner of the post to add it to your campaign. The will then be available under Campaign Posts and included in your overall campaign reports.image8.png

Manually adding Instagram reels and stories

If an influencer’s Instagram account has a Nonauth status, Influence might not be able to automatically pull in all reels and stories for tracking due to API limitations. If you notice some reels or stories are missing, use the following process to manually add and track Instagram reels and stories to your campaign if needed:

  1. In the Published Posts tab, click on the plus icon in the top-right corner of the menu. If you select Reel, you will paste in the direct Instagram link to the reel.
    image7.png If you select Story, you will manually upload the story image or video, select the Instagram account that posted it, and input all of the information and statistics for the story.
    For stories, you also have the option to add manual or Bitly swipe-up links and the clicks count, as well as stickers and sticker taps. If you have [LINK] connected a Bitly account to Influence, you can pick from a dropdown of links already connected to your account. Influence will automatically track and pull in the link clicks from Bitly and display the data on the Instagram story in your campaign.
    image10.png Any additional data manually added to reels or stories will be available in your campaign reports and can be shared with your client.
  2. Click Add post at the bottom of the window and Influence will add the reel or story to the Campaign Posts tab with a Manually uploaded indication.

For reels, Influence will automatically pull in and update the following metrics for the reel: Views, Plays, Likes, and Comments. You can manually input additional performance metrics for reels including Accounts Reached, Saves, and Shares. To manually add these metrics to a reel, click on the reel in the Published Posts tabs and fill out the relevant text boxes.

For stories, if you need to update the metrics for the story at a later date, just click on it in Campaign Posts and update any information needed.

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