Accessing and Customizing Your Influencers' Dashboard View

After you onboard influencers, they will be invited to log into Influence to access their own dashboard view where they can manage their campaigns, see their analytics and earnings, connect or disconnect their accounts, and adjust their settings. At any time, you can view an influencer’s dashboard from their perspective by using the Impersonate feature in Influence. You also have some options to customize your influencers’ dashboards via your settings in Influence.

Impersonating an Influencer's Dashboard

Impersonating an influencer's dashboard allows you to access an influencer’s dashboard from their perspective. This action can be helpful when an influencer has questions about their dashboard or if you need to take an action on their behalf, such as managing parts of a campaign or updating payments, etc.

To impersonate an influencer, navigate to the Influencers tool. Search for the influencer using the search bar on the top, and click on the desired influencer's profile. image1.png

Once in the influencer's profile, click the Impersonate button in the top-right corner of the Profile tab. image9.png

You will be brought into the influencer's dashboard view so you can take any necessary actions. image5.png

Customizing an Influencer's Dashboard View

Setting up a custom dashboard domain

When your organization’s Influence dashboard is first created, it is given a default Influence domain with your name in the URL. However, you have the option to customize the URL that influencers will see when they want to access their influencer dashboard.

To whitelabel the your influencer dashboard domain, ask your webmaster to create a new DNS record and select CNAME, and have it point to:

CNAME records use a domain prefix to point your domain to someone else's, so when it's done, it will look something like: points to

Once you've set up the DNS record, log into Influence and go to Settings > Influencer Dashboard > Domain and input your new domain in the field and click Save. image6.png

After you’ve updated the domain, it may take up to 24 hours for the new influencer dashboard domain to become active.

Uploading a dashboard logo

You can upload a specific logo to display on your influencers’ dashboard by uploading the logo in Settings > Influencer Dashboard > Logo. image7.png

Adding guides for influencers

If you have information, help guides, news, or any other materials you would like to make accessible to your influencers, you can upload this to the Guides section of their influencer dashboard.

To add new guides to your influencers’ dashboard, log into Influence and navigate to Settings > Influencer Dashboard and click on the Guides button in the upper-right corner. image8.png

This page will list any guides that you've created in the past and will indicate whether a guide is currently published for your influencers or not. If you are looking to change the publish status of one of your existing guides, click the gear icon next to a guide and select the new status. image2.png

To add a new guide, click the + Write New Guide button in the top-right corner. image3.png

Title your guide, add an icon, use the Community dropdown to select a specific influencer group you'd like to publish the guide to (or leave it blank to publish to everyone), and choose the guide language. Next, fill in the content of your guide by uploading a PDF or filling in the text box below. You can also add videos, images, and HTML.

After you've completed your guide, click Save in the bottom-right corner, and then publish the guide when you’re ready for it to go live to your influencers.

Customizing apps for influencers

You can add various apps for your influencers to access via the Apps tab in their dashboard. To add an app, navigate to Settings > Influencer Dashboard in Influence. Click on the Apps button in the top-right corner and you will be able to configure which apps you would like to make available for your influencers to use. image4.png

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