Creating LinkedIn Ads in Publish

You can create LinkedIn ads in Publish by promoting your existing LinkedIn posts. Learn how to boost your posts in Publish to help your organic content reach more people. 


If you would like to create LinkedIn ads in Publish, your LinkedIn ad account and any applicable channels you would like to promote on must be connected to Social Media Management. If a user would like to create ads from a post, they must have the appropriate access to both the channel and the LinkedIn ad account.

What Types of LinkedIn Posts Can I Promote in Publish?

In Publish, you can promote the following LinkedIn posts:

  • Image post
  • Video post
  • Link post
  • Text post

In order to promote your posts, you will need to have at least one active Advertise campaign with the corresponding ad format (e.g. single image, single video, or text).

Creating LinkedIn Ads in Publish

You can create LinkedIn ads in Publish by opening one of your existing, published LinkedIn posts.

  1. While viewing the post in Publish, look for the Promote panel on the left-hand side of the interface. Click the Boost button to create an ad for your post.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select an ad account you want to use and one of your existing campaigns in which to boost the post in.
  3. To create your ad, set the desired ad duration, review the final settings, and click the Boost button.
  4. Once the ad is created, the menu will close and your ad will be visible in the Promote section of your post.
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