Grant 'pages_messaging' Permissions for Facebook Pages

Facebook has recently introduced a new type of app permission for Facebook channels connected to third-party platforms such as Falcon. This new permission must be granted to Falcon for each of your connected Facebook channels in order to continue receiving Facebook Messenger conversations in Falcon.

We've made it easy for you to discover which channels lack the permission. They have been marked with a yellow 'Action Required' indicator in Falcon's channel settings.

To prevent a loss of functionality, we advise to reconnect your affected Facebook channels before March 4, 2020. You must be an Admin or Team Lead user in Falcon and an Admin of the Facebook channels you are reconnecting. Furthermore, we recommend switching to the Admin view mode prior to following the below steps:

  1. Log into Falcon and divigate to Settings > Channels.
  2. Optional: Select Facebook in the top left 'Networks' filter option.
  3. Reconnect every channel that has a yellow 'Action Required' status indicator by clicking the 'Reconnect' button next to the status indicator.

    Channels that have the green 'Connected' status indicator do not need to be reconnected to Falcon.
  4. A Facebook authentication window will pop up. In the first screen, click 'Continue as *your username*'.

    First Facebook connection step
  5. In the next screen, it is imperative to select all Channels that are already connected to Falcon. Then click 'Next'.

    Second Facebook connection step
  6. Grant Falcon all permissions listed. If any permissions are not granted, your connected Facebook Channels will experience a loss of functionality in Falcon. Then click 'Done'.

    Third Facebook connection step


    Upon reconnecting any Facebook Channel to Falcon, you are asked by Facebook to grant permissions for managing that Page.

    However, Facebook requests these permissions not just for the Channel you are connecting but rather for all currently connected Facebook Channels that are in the Business Manager you're logged into. It means that in the above step 5, you will always have to select all Facebook Pages that are currently connected to Falcon, in addition to the ones you are about to connect. Furthermore, all listed permissions in step 6 are required by Falcon.

  7. In the final screen, click 'Ok'. You'll be taken back to Falcon where you can complete the reconnection process.

    Fourth Facebook connection step

Your Channel is now reconnected to Falcon with the new page permission granted. The status indicator for the channel should have changed to the green 'Connected' one.

If you happen to experience any issues while going through these steps, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Falcon Support team.

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