Why Do My Channels Disconnect?

There may be instances where your social media channels become disconnected from Social Media Management. This guide identifies the most common causes and outlines some steps you can take to avoid disconnects in future.

Dummy Admin Information - Facebook

All Facebook pages need to be associated with a personal profile. Creating dummy or test user profiles in order to connect company pages (for example, Social Media Management Tester or Facebook Login) should be avoided. Facebook can actively detect and disable connections with pages that are not associated with a real user.

We recommend Administrators associate their own Facebook profile with the page they manage. If this is not possible then a profile needs to be created that is as similar to a real person as you can.

Note, Social Media Management does not access personal profile information, but we do require permission from the Admin of a network to access page data.

Two-Factor Authentication in the Facebook Business Manager

Facebook recommends enabling 2FA for your Business Manager account. Doing so greatly increases the security and reduces the potential of Facebook detecting suspicious activity around your account. Any time Facebook detects suspicious activity, there is a chance that your Channels will disconnect from Social Media Management. Therefore, enabling 2FA can benefit the stability of your Channel connections. 

Past Social Media Management Users

When the original user who connected the Facebook page to Social Media Management is no longer required to manage the page or leaves the company, it is likely that they will have their Social Media Management account deleted. This will cause a disconnection of the Facebook page if they were the only user to connect it to Social Media Management.

To avoid disconnections for this reason, we suggest that you connect multiple tokens per Channel connection. In short, this means to have more than one Social Media Management user connect each Channel. Each connection from a different user provides us with a new token. Should one token fail (for example, if a user leaves Social Media Management), we will fall back on another token.

You can find out more about connecting multiple tokens from our Help Center guide here.

Change in Role - Within Social Media Management or on Facebook

If an Administrator's role changes, either within Social Media Management or on Facebook itself, the connection between Social Media Management and the page will be lost. We recommend users keep this in mind before editing User Roles.

Password Changes

If the password to the login of a native network is changed by the Admin of the page or profile, a disconnection from Social Media Management can occur.

While we recommend regular changes in passwords for security, users need to be aware that doing so on the social channels themselves can affect the connection with Social Media Management.

Native Network Downtime

From time-to-time the native networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) may experience unplanned downtime or a break in service. This can cause your channel to be disconnected from Social Media Management.

While we can't account for network downtime, we do endeavour to contact Administrators to notify them when networks go down and also when networks are back up and running again so connections can be restored.

API Changes

Social Media Management connects with social networks via an application programming interface (API). Should there be a significant change in a native network's API, this can cause channels to disconnect.

We are in constant communication with the social networks and do strive to keep Social Media Management up to date so these changes won't impact users.

LinkedIn Policy

Your LinkedIn page will disconnect from Social Media Management every 365 days. This is a requirement of LinkedIn's API. To help keep the page connected, you'll get an email each time the page disconnects.

To reconnect your channels, follow the steps outlined in our Channel Management article.

If you need any further help with channel disconnections, please contact our Customer Support team.

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