Duplicating Ad Sets

Duplicating Ad Sets can help you cut down on your time spent creating Ad Sets and reduces the risk of errors. You can easily copy an existing Ad Set, adjust it for your current needs, and apply it for a new Campaign, all with only a few clicks.

This workflow helps you recycle Ad Sets, copy from a master template, or do A/B testing with only a few clicks and adjustments. You can find out how in this article.

Duplicating an Ad Set

Any existing Ad Set in Social Media Management can be duplicated, even if it was created outside of Social Media Management. While duplicating the Ad Set, you can choose to assign it to a new Campaign and you will have the option to change any of its settings.

When you duplicate an Ad Set, every setting on the Ad Set level gets copied over to the new Ad Set, and Social Media Management automatically adds the suffix, "Copy", to the Ad Set name, unless you specify otherwise. If the original Ad Set has inherited Labels from a Campaign it is part of, those Labels will not be copied over. Instead, the new Ad Set will inherit Labels and other Campaign-level settings from the Campaign you choose to add the new Ad Set to.

The start date of the original Ad Set might have passed, in which case the new start date will automatically be set to the current date, unless you manually specify a different start date.

Finally, any assets that are not supported by Social Media Management or have been disconnected since the original Ad Set was created, cannot be copied over to a new Ad Set. In particular, this holds true for any associations with Facebook Pages that got disconnected from Social Media Management, or any Ad Set objectives which are currently not supported by Social Media Management.

Here’s how you can copy one or more Ad Sets:

  1. Navigate to the Ad Set view in Advertise
  2. Select one of your Ad Sets and select the Duplicate option either at the top or from the context menu (three dots) on the right side of the Ad Set.
  3. Choose the Campaign you want the new Ad Set to be part of and click Next.
  4. Optional: Change any of the Ad Set settings such as the title or the budget.
  5. Click Duplicate once you’re happy with the new Ad Set.

Your Ad Set has now been created and can be found in the list of Ad Sets.

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