Sharing Publish Content Externally

We know how important it is to validate your content before it gets published to your social media channels. We also know that it's not always an option to collaborate entirely from within our Social Media Management platform.

That's why we've introduced Shareable Views. In just a few clicks, you can let any third party review your upcoming and published content.

Creating a Shareable View

Any Social Media Management user with an Admin, Content Creator, or Editor role can share content externally. Follow the below steps to create a Shareable View:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar, Drafts, Awaiting Approval, Scheduled, or Published section in the Publish module.
  2. Optional: Filter through the available content with the Filter options at the top.
  3. Click Share from the top-right.
  4. A list will be created of all posts that fall within your filtering options. The left side shows a preview of each piece of content as it will look in Desktop feeds and the right side shows a preview for Mobile feeds.
  5. Give your Shareable View a name in the top left.
  6. Optional: Adjust the URL Settings in the top right, such as the sharing duration or how the link is shortened. 
  7. Once you're ready, click Generate and Copy URL from the top right. The link will be copied to your clipboard.

Through the URL, any third-party can get instant access to your Shareable View without the need to log into Social Media Management. Any one URL can be shared with as many third parties as you'd like. No other parts of your company's environment or data are accessible through this link.

By default, the link remains valid for 4 weeks or until you manually remove the access. In the meantime, if you make any changes to the shared content, the Shared View is automatically kept up to date.

Head over to the Shared Externally section in the left Publish menu to find an overview of all your currently and previously shared links. You can copy the URL again from the copy button on the right of each Shareable View.

Managing Your Shareable Views

Once you've created one or more Shareable Views, the Shared Externally section in Publish will contain an overview of them.

All currently shared views and all expired views that you have access to are listed and sorted by their creation date. Admin users can see all Shareable Views from across your organization while users with other user roles can only see the Shareable Views they've created themselves.

By default, all Shareable Views will expire after 4 weeks or earlier if you changed the URL expiration date. You can manually revoke access by clicking the bin icon on the right side of the Shareable View. This immediately revokes the access for all third parties.

In addition, you can always click the copy button for an active Shareable View to get the URL copied to your clipboard for further sharing.
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